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Whether you are looking for yourself, your children or your senior parents…we are Eye Exam Ottawa, and here to provide you with a comfortable Eye Exam.  We are proudly the Eye Doctors and Optometrists here to serve you and your family in the Ottawa Valley!

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Children's Eye Exams

Is your child having difficulties at school, headaches or coordination problems? Often these are related to vision issues. Our Opticians accross Ottawa and near you, are ready to provide a comfortable and painless eye exam to your son or daughter.

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Seniors Eye Exam

Our seniors deserve the best in care. They look after us, now it is our turn to look after them! Eyesite often becomes an issue as we get into our golden years. This often takes toll on our driving, avoiding obstacles and even just hobbying. We have solutions and often OHIP allows for a no cost exam.

What Our Clients Say

I had been wearing glasses since early childhood and had still struggled when my eyes were tired.  The doctor used new painless eye test equipment and discovered my old optometrist had been providing the wrong prescription.  I now see clearly, and am a loyal new patient.

John P

After headaches while studying , my doctor recommended and eye exam.  I managed to get a same day appointment with one of the Canada eye exams optometrists.  My new Ray Ban frames look great and I have no more  excuses not to study !

Jenna S

We decided to bring our daughter to the closest optometrist at the recommendation of her first grade teacher.  She had been challenged learning to read or respond and we believed it was vision related.  She now shows off her shiny red glasses and is top of the class.  Thank you!

Samuel C

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